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Mortgage and Pre Approval Restrictions

VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC is a 100% Canadian owned company that has developed a proprietary, secure, no cost, mortgage application process that is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and offers you, our client, the potential of an "Instant Mortgage Approval"or "Instant Pre-Approval" .

Although not all applications receive "Instant Mortgage Approval" or "Instant Pre-Approvals", it should in no way be taken as a decline of your mortgage application. 

In cases where an "Instant Mortgage Approval" or "Instant Pre-Approval" is not available, a member of the VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC Mortgage Approval Team will personally review the application and call within 24 hours to discuss various mortgage options. 

VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC "Instant Mortgage Approvals" and "Instant Pre-Approvals" are subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Information provided within the online application is true and correct.
  2. Credit information must fall within the VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC pre-determined range.
  3. For "Instant Mortgage Approval" applications having a loan to value ratio that exceeds 75%, instant approvals are subject to CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing) or Genworth approval.
  4. "Instant Mortgage Approval" is not available for secondary mortgage financing applications which are referred to a VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC Mortgage Specialists.

VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC is in the business of getting to YES! and to that end, our team of Mortgage Approval Specialists will work hard to get you a mortgage approval.

<b>VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC</b> website security  VERICO Maximum Mortgages INC uses only the highest level of security to ensure your privacy.

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